Cops and Robbers

by Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

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The first release by Who Killed Nancy Johnson? includes one song from the band's prehistory (as Nancy Johnson) and three new songs. For more see


released January 20, 2017

Recorded Dec 2016 & January 2017. Produced, engineered and mastered by Al Heslop at Creative Control, Berkshire. Released 20th January 2017.



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Who Killed Nancy Johnson? Reading, UK


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Track Name: Cops and Robbers
Riding on their Harleys on the freeway fighting crime
John and Poncherello got the crooks doing time
Columbo solves a murder, he’s always in that mac
He winds up all the killers cos he keeps on coming back
Kojak is so upbeat, he is a proper cop
He can't have any teeth left cause of all the lollipops
The Sweeney come from London, Regan hard as nails
A violent foul-mouthed copper but he fills up all the jails

Let’s play – cops and robbers
Let’s play – they’re on TV
Let’s play – the bad and the ugly
Always on TV

Sherlock Holmes is old school, got Watson by his side
Loves his girls and hard drugs, a master of disguise
Hutch and Starsky in their car chase dealers thieves and thugs
They get their information from a bear they call Hugs
Detective Sonny Crockett, fights Miami vice
Wears horrendous t-shirts, he thinks that they are nice
We all love the coppers, we love what's in the can
But we also love the robbers, who wind up in the slam
Track Name: Terminal Love
When we first met I felt a spark, a jolt that shot across my heart
I knew right then I’d hook you up, no bonds could keep our poles apart
And in this burning time, now I’ve made you mine
The fuses set the switches thrown, now we’re finally alone

Terminal love - terminal love
Terminal love - terminal love love love love love
A touch of an electric wand, it’s just exactly what you want
Terminal love - terminal love - terminal love

You turn me on, I’ll turn you on, the contact points already keyed
We got a good connection coming up, the peaks are all displayed
The wires are cutting through, the distance me to you
And as the current grows, the juices flow and flow and flow

My hand is insulated
Your body isolated
Contractions instigated
By remote control

A touch of an electric wand, it’s just exactly what you want
Terminal love - terminal love - terminal love
Track Name: Buzz (in Your Head)
Think you’re clever, think you’re sane
Make up reasons, could explain
I know what’s inside your brain
You’re the same as me
You judge right and wrong by smell
Wag your tail straight to hell
Pavlov rings his dinner bell
And tells you who to be

The buzz in your head is in control
The buzz, the buzz, in control
Beat your heart, beat your soul
The buzz in your head
The buzz in your head is in control
Buzz says yes, buzz says no
The buzz, the buzz, in control
The buzz in your head

Talk about philosophy
Embroider an identity
Buy into that fantasy
Where free will is a thing
But when you hear the kick drum pound
That distorted guitar sound
Something basic underground
Makes you want to sing

The buzz in your head
That’s what I said
The buzz says yes
The buzz says no
The buzz in control
The buzz in your head
The buzz in your head
And then Pavlov rings that dinner bell
Track Name: Stay Out Late
Would you like to come inside? Take a look around the room.
It’s supposed to be a tomb. If you find that creepy, say.
There’s a reason why we’re cruel - we hardly eat at all.
We’re heading for a fall. If you’d like a secret, stay.

And we’re all - lonely. People die before us, it’s our fate.
We’re lonely. So tell us, would you like to stay out - ?

Yeah we like to stay up late. Until the sun comes out
We’re round and roundabout, and then we come back here.
We’re nightbirds that’s a fact - there’s a reason for the black.
It’s not at all an act. Close your eyes, look away.

… late
Stay out late
Stay out late
Stay out late

So would you like to come and play? We’ve a gift to give away.
It’ll really spoil your day but the night will come alive.
We could stay here till you die. And that could take a while.
There’s a reason for the smile. Come and join the tribe.